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Consulting Services

Sound marketing strategy should be grounded in the underlying economics of your business. Our client team has senior management level experience in developing and implementing comprehensive marketing strategies that deliver results. We focus on integrating return on investment methodologies into all marketing spend decisions, allowing you to constantly evaluate the effectiveness of marketing programs.

One to One Direct offers a full range of consulting services:

  • Competitive analysis

  • Product development

  • Channel optimization

  • Market segmentation

  • Marketing spend optimization

  • Process improvement

  • Return on investment analysis

  • Planning and budgeting

  • List strategy

  • Internal/External Data Management


Analytical Services

There is a saying in the advertising industry which claims that 50 percent of advertising dollars are wasted, but no one knows which 50 percent. We eliminate that uncertainty. We specialize in developing frameworks to empirically measure the success of marketing programs – eliminating waste and ensuring that our clients get the biggest bang for their marketing buck. Through the rigorous tracking of marketing results and rapid identification of successful marketing tests, we will improve the return on your marketing investment and help you stay one step ahead of the competition.

With One to One Direct, you will never again need to wonder whether your marketing dollars are generating adequate returns:

  • Data collection

  • Return on investment analysis

  • Response optimization and statistical modeling

  • Web analytics to include online search & display advertising

  • Pre-screen credit criteria development

  • Segmentation analysis

  • External demographic/credit data appends


Customer Relationship Management

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. Truly understanding your customers has never been more important. We can help you gain insight into customer behavior and consumer preferences through the efficient mining of internal data and the overlay of predictive third party information. We can help you develop targeted programs that deliver the right message, at the right time – strengthening existing customer relationships and improving profitability.

One to One Direct can help you leverage existing customer relationships – increasing both customer loyalty and long-term profitability:

  • Customer segmentation

  • Cross-sell program development and implementation

  • Retention program development and implementation

  • Post campaign analysis and reporting

  • Lifetime value analysis

  • Customer profitability analysis

  • Credit and demographic data overlays for segmentation

  • Contact frequency optimization

  • Opt-out management


New Customer Acquisition

Acquiring new customers in today’s business environment is more challenging than ever. One to One Direct can help you deliver high-impact offers to the prospects most likely to provide profitable growth for your company. We will help you determine the right marketing channels to reach your target audience, while building brand awareness and differentiating your company in the mind of your target consumers.

We know how to effectively target the prospects that will provide profitable growth for your company across multiple marketing channels:

  • Direct Mail

  • Email

  • Paid search engine marketing

  • Natural search engine marketing

  • Banner Ads

  • Online lead acquisition and optimization

  • Post-campaign analysis and reporting

  • List acquisition and management

  • Lifetime value analysis

  • Customer profitability analysis

  • Contact frequency optimization

New Customer Acquisition

Print Production & Creative Services

Leave the details to us. Direct response marketing continues to get more complex, making it more important than ever to have an experienced partner to implement your direct marketing campaigns. Our production team has decades of experience implementing programs of all shapes and sizes, and we will deliver your programs accurately, on time, and on budget.


Through our network of specialists, we can also meet all your design needs. From direct marketing pieces that drive superior results to banner ads and landing pages, we support both traditional and digital marketing programs.

One to One Direct sweats the details so you don’t have to:

  • Scheduling, planning, and budgeting

  • Data processing

  • Printing

  • Lasering and personalization

  • Lettershop

  • National Change of Address processing

  • Postal regulation compliance

  • Email

  • Turnkey or custom fulfillment options

Print Production & Creative Services
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